Redefining Loss & Grief


From Acceptance to Simple Joy & Gratitude


I offer guidance to those desiring to move beyond their current self-limiting beliefs surrounding death, grief, and loss to include science, medicine, spirituality, and the metaphysical which support the theory that our bodies are merely shells of our soul.

Who do I work with?

I work with those who have lost someone and who continue to move through the five stages of grief which include anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance, and wish for something more. My clients look forward to experiencing a new relationship with their loved one and not get sucked back into the painful and sometimes addictive cycle of anger, denial, bargaining, and depression.

Through the lens of my own experience I offer another way.

My process is very different and I promise if you choose to, you will never view death in the same light. The only prerequisite is that you are willing to keep an open mind about everything!

I bring humor and a sense of lightness to my work. I am convinced that how we think about death is outdated, negative and provides very little in the way of comfort, healing and peace. 

My approach is empathetic, altruistic and non-judgemental.

I honor exactly where each one of you is on your journey.  Pain will not kill you. To feel the pain of loss is an absolute necessity in order to move forward with a sense of gratitude.

I am asking my followers to go from a simple acceptance of death to an open mindset of gratefulness. It is here where miracles occur and you will be assured your loved one is with you.

To get to this marker, it does take a willingness to let go of self-limiting beliefs which keep us stuck if we allow them.

Angie makes woo-woo seem normal. I’m more open to listening to her. She is a skeptic just like me and she takes nothing at face value.
— Maximillian C.

My Services

I am an international speaker, author and coach. I also host my own online radio program, and offer a newly created Beyond Grief app.


I speak all over the world and love sharing my story in the hope that my unique approach to grief will change how we view death.

If you would like more information on booking me as a speaker, please download the Media Kit below or contact me directly by clicking on the button below. I’m also available for motivational speaking to your group on various themes including loss and finding your true path.

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Beyond Grief Events

I also organize Beyond Grief events where I share my personal and intimate journey of significant grief and loss and how through each experience that presented and through the depths of pain, and  the choices I ultimately have made that I have come to respect and honor death as a part of life. If you would like me to host a Beyond Grief event near you please contact me.

Beyond Grief Radio

Every Wednesday 12PM PT / 3PM ET

Join Angie Corbett-Kuiper on her newly created radio program.

Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one? Beyond Grief Radio is a space that explores beyond current self-limiting beliefs surrounding death.  Are you ready to challenge your mind, body, and spirit to a different perspective regarding grief and loss? Pain is the rent we pay in our humanness for loss; however, suffering is optional and it too is a choice.

Join Angie and her guests as she incorporates metaphysics, science, medicine and spirituality in redefining death and loss.

Because we don’t expect death when it happens. We are devastated. Now that Angie experienced death suddenly and unexpectedly, twice, she expects it.  Now that she expects it she lives her life in much more gratitude

 Beyond Grief Radio with Anhie Kuiper

Books & Journals

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Beyond Grief App

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1:1 Coaching

While I would love to work with everyone, I have found that not everyone is ready to work with me. I do require that my potential clients have done a lot of their own processing and that they are in a place of not living to please a religious indoctrination, family, and friends. This work promises to challenge you.  Grief is a very intimate and personal journey.  No one can coach grief. I work with those who are choosing not to suffer in grief anymore. For it is my belief that to grieve is human.  To continue to suffer is optional.

Occasionally I work 1:1 with those who are ready for this work. To determine whether this is a win:win for both of us I offer a complimentary discovery session. If you are interested, click the button to schedule an appointment with me.


To gain a better insight into the work I do, simply click to watch the short video below.