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October 12th, 2017 - Mystic, CT

The Anatomy of Dis-easeAn evening of Discovery and Direction

An exclusive invitation for our patients and their families...Dr. David and Jennifer Schwindt


We may all have the predisposition for certain ailments due to our genetic DNA, but how many of us allow it to govern our lives and the choices we make?  Just as there is research to prove a genetic component at a cellular level, there is proof of disease beginning much deeper at the emotional level:  we know stress reduction is linked to longevity.

Please join us for an intimate evening as we dissect “dis-ease” and how important it is for each of us to take responsibility for our own health, happiness, and life.

At events such as this, which she hosts around the world, Angie shares her experiences and strategies with the hope you will find a few tools that work for you or a family member who is in need of a positive direction. 




The Anatomy of Dis-ease

May 5, 2017    -     Buckingham, UK

Buckingham Old Gaol: To Become Your Soulmate

What an honor and privilege to speak to a sold-out crowd at the Buckingham Old Gaol in Buckingham, UK, along with John Glanvill, in what was the exercise yard of an old original prison building built in 1747.  The jail, as it is pronounced, in the US, with a glass ceiling seemed so fitting as I had my audience begin to look more closely at the prison walls we all find ourselves in, and in some cases whom we’ve allowed to put us there, and keep us there. In it’s advert they summarize the jail in a very similar way, welcoming visitors to “experience 270 years of damp, dark, desperate prison life", asking them to "explore the cells that housed murderers, counterfeiters, poachers, and thieves.  Find out who made daring escapes and who didn’t survive to tell the tale” they challenge each it’s visitors, much like I did engaging my own audience to to take a look at their own lives.  We often wonder why we are depressed and anxious and seek a magic pill to cure not what ails us, but often times, whom.  The prison walls that consist of people pleasing, guilt, shame, blame, anger, depression, OCD, PTSD to name a few.  My goal was simply to plant a few seeds.  My mission accomplished with the thunderous applause and invitation for John and me to return next year!  At the end, of the 3-hour lecture we all celebrated by raising our glasses of fizz and nibbled birthday cake as we all toasted to a new birth of self and to the beginning of awareness of finally finding tools to help break free from the prison walls that keep us bound in other's judgments, beliefs, and expectations of us. 


Buckingham Old Gaol To Become Your Soulmate
Buckingham Old Gaol To Become Your Soulmate


February 19-22, 2016    -    Los Angeles, CA


Conscious Life Expo



Will You Be Your Soulmate?

Meet Spiritual Relationship Coach, Angie Corbett. Through her incredible story of tragedy, triumph, and survival, Angie provides the tools to help rid yourself of toxicities blocking the true authentic YOU.  When you love yourself for who you are, you will attract the life and love you desire and deserve. You will be introduced to the spiritual tools that created a miracle in Angie’s life and continue to create miracles in the lives of her clients.


Love Will Present. Define Your Intent

Learn how to break free from the cycle of “kissing frogs” to intentionally creating, attracting, and trusting the Universe, to present your “Prince”.  Angie will help rid yourself of the toxicities blocking true love, to find the authentic YOU.  You will be introduced to the spiritual tools that created a miracle in Angie’s life and continue to create miracles in the lives of her clients.  


Angie Corbett Kuiper soulmate
Love Angie’s energy and her stories.  I give her a 10+!
— Melanie Lococo, attended Conscious Life Expo 2016

February 14, 2016    -    Albuquerque, NM



Will You Be Your Valentine? 

Spend Valentine's Day discovering the true you with Gruet and Spiritual Relationship Coach, Angie Corbett. Find out the tools it takes to love yourself fully and in turn attract the life you love and you deserve. Ticket includes your first class of bubbly and light appetizers. 

Self Love Workshop



January 21, 2016     -     Albuquerque, NM

Spirit Presents Albuquerque: Will You Be Your Soulmate?

In order to attract a life we love, we have to love ourselves first.  For darkness can not reside where there is light.  Through Choice, Awareness,  Feeling versus Thinking, Setting Appropriate Boundaries, we are finally able to live our lives freely.

Most of us have been told what to do, what to say, and what to think our whole lives.  We have no idea how to label the feelings of sheer fear, panic, panick attacks, anxiety, and depression that strike at our very core.   

Through awareness we are able to start paying attention to that sick to our stomach feeling, the headaches, addictions, diseases, the aches and pains which reside in our bodies, presenting as physical manifestations of  our dark thoughts, malice, our inability to forgive ourselves and others.  This is darkness turned inwards eating us alive from the inside out.  These feelings, uncomfortable feelings at first, are our inner Emotional GPS system and were put in to place to keep us from physical and emotional harm.  We do not recognize these physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual injuries because we have been taught at a very young age that to feel anything is wrong.  

It is crucial to our health and happiness to re-program our minds to find our own truths and quit living every one else’s truth.  It is here where joy resides.  It is here where the body has an opportunity to heal from the traumas of past anger, resentments, depression, hatered, and dispair.

Spirit Presents Albuquerque Will You Be Your Soulmate?
Terrific presentation that had us looking at ourselves and seeing how our beliefs have hidden us from our unique and authentic selves. We could all relate to the presentation and, I think, we all really found a way we could make some simple changes and grow. She has a unique, bubbly style and wit. I personally found a couple things I need to tweak [in myself] and ways to do that from her presentation.