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To Become Your Soul Mate

An Intimate Journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Love

To Become Your Soul Mate book by Angie Corbett Kuiper

Actually, at the time I wrote this book I had no idea that this is the book that would transpire.  Only after the book had been written and now in my publisher’s hands that I realized the importance of this piece of work, and if this process helped me, my wish is that for the reader, it might help someone else to learn, grow, and heal.

This book transpired when I was writing about the suicide death of my first-born son who took his life two years ago.   It was only after his death that I began to see that it was due to all of the choices and decisions I made up to this point that ultimately prepared me to continue to move forward; not in perpetual grief and pain but to choose simple joy.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and feel joy.  It has been a journey of pain, sorrow, and most significant of all was the loss of who I thought I was, or better yet, what everyone told me I was.

For a very long time, I lived everyone else’s labels; labels that came from a place of their fear, their guilt, and their shame; ultimately their experiences.

To make a CHOICE and want something different because I knew there was something more.

To experience an AWARENESS (a.k.a. to pay attention) of everything and everyone around me and how it impacted me on every level.

To be open to trusting those “gut feelings” every one of us has, we talk about them, yet rarely listen and hardly ever follow, for we have learned that TO FEEL is wrong.

To SET APPROPRIATE BOUNDARIES and continue to do so to protect me from those who do not hold my highest and best interest.

Only through each of these processes have I experienced a level of self-respect and ultimately self-love.  For the first time, I began to trust myself.  I started to believe that I know what is best for me and what I will no longer accept.  I have chosen to learn, grow, and heal from each of these experiences.  I have defined myself and found MY TRUTH through each of life’s lessons that have presented.

This book is a book for those searching, and who just know that deep down inside there is something more than living as a Sheeple.

Through my life experiences, instead of crumbling, I made a choice to live and learn from each.  I hope, through my process, my readers will find a few pearls.

It is my sincerest wish that through my experience that my readers will find in the depths of their pain and sorrow that there is hope.  There is more than hope.  There is a deep joy.