Join me and my select group of experts on this once in a lifetime journey of self-healing, self-discovery, and self-love on the pristine white beaches in Nassau, Bahamas.


Healing and self discovery with Angie

In a beautiful and safe environment we begin to peel through the layers of self-doubt, self-hatred, people pleasing, our addictions to toxic people, places, and things including family, friends, religion, and jobs, that have kept us from living fully, happily and joyful lives because we have been taught self-love is selfish and wrong.

We will dig deep to uncover who you really are, why you have come and not what you have been taught you are “supposed to be.”

In a safe and very personal environment we will begin to uncover the reasons why you continue to seek approval from those very people who are not living their lives happily, yet feel compelled to tell you how to live yours.  If you feel depressed, hurt, and anxious most of the time just knowing something is wrong, and  just not sure of why and don’t believe you have the tools to change, we ask you to consider joining us.

This retreat might be for you if you truly desire everlasting change and a joyful calm and yet find yourself continuing to surround yourself in the sickness and toxicity of others and their beliefs out of fear.

Do you sometimes wonder if you are going crazy?  It’s most likely because you continue to do the same things over and over again and expect something different.  We're asking you to simply try something different.

If you are seriously ready for change, are ready to challenge and move beyond your current thoughts and beliefs about yourself…This retreat might be for you.  We want you to thrive in this environment that we specifically hand-crafted for you offering an opportunity for real, lasting change with tools that will sustain long after our retreat is over. 


John Glanvill


John Glanvill comes from a thriving and successful practice in the UK.  He brings with him an extensive experience offering smart help for intelligent men and women who want more calmness, happiness and direction in their lives.  He will help you to take ownership of your past, be present in the now and generate a calm and happy future.  John focuses on several areas including the following:

  •    Anxiety
  •    OCD
  •    Depression

"You taught me I am not my thoughts.  It's brilliant what you do."

"I have processed so much fear guilt, despair, negative energy.  I feel great!"

"I was amazed.  Finally someone understood my brain."

"You are incredibly skilled at what you do, with a passion and an intellect that is both engaging and stimulating."

"I have so much gratitude to you for opening my eyes, to opening my mind and accepting change."

You can learn more about John at


Yvonne Williams Casaus


Yvonne Williams Casaus, is an Author of A Drop of Water,  and Therapist who specializes in a wide range of therapeutic options specific to the needs of both men and women.  She brings with her extensive training as a Registered Play Therapist specializing in Experiential Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, and EMDR.  Her therapy focuses on, but is not limited to:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Panic Attacks

I combine my knowledge and expertise with kindness, caring, nurturing, support to provide the best treatment possible.

"I love that you focus on the healing, on the joy, and on the release."

"You found such a perfectly simple way of communicating a concept that can be difficult to grasp.

You can learn more about Yvonne at


Candice Thomas


Candice Thomas is an expert Intuitive Advisor and Psychic Medium.  Her focus is to dispel the myths that surround  intuitive and mediumship and will help you to begin to recognize and utilize these talents that you already possess to gain greater trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities.  You will begin to know instantly who has your back an who is toxic to you.  She teaches and provides tools on how to protect yourself from manipulation, energy drainers, and your own ego.  A few of the areas in which she excels are:

  • Helping to release other people’s truths about yourself that you’ve believed up until now.
  • Learn to trust that “gut” feeling; intuition to make better life, career, and relationship choices.
  • Learn the energy of your body, where all truth resides, then act appropriately.

" I am a firm believer that in order to be my very best, I had to learn to be 100% present. Candice helped me get here."

"I was actually able to follow the energy throughout my body.  The tools you offer continue to keep me centered , balanced, and in the present."

Learn more about Candice at


Jen Davies


Working in the wonderful surroundings of an artists’ community in the courtyard of a stately home in England is as idyllic as it sounds, but I have only returned to art after 35 years of the corporate rat race.

I am a strong believer in the healing qualities of art. Creativity calms and focuses the mind, and our unconscious thoughts come through to us in the form of dreams and paintings. To know ourselves we must tap into our unconscious.  

For those who just don’t wish to pick up a paintbrush with me, my passion is to draw out the imagination and creativity of my clients and co-create art pieces for them, to aid the healing process.



(Please check site frequently for updates)

We have carefully chosen this location, off the beaten path which offers a unique and personalized experience paying careful attention to detail.  We will be the only guests occupying the entire property ensuring a private and intimate experience for all of our guests. You will be staying in one of four villas all located directly on the Caribbean Sea.  The property includes several secluded areas to encourage self-reflection, journaling, and meditating for you to process.

Please scroll up to view "MORE PHOTOS" of our property.  


The retreat will begin on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 with registration beginning at 12:00pm - 5:00pm (See Tentative Agenda)  

The retreat will end on Sunday, March 11th, 2018. We ask that all guests be checked out by 11:00am (See Tentative Agenda)


When booking your air, you will fly in to the Lynden Pindling International Airport on the island of Nassau, Bahamas (The all-inclusive retreat price does not include airfare).

For most, this will be an International flight. The Bahamas are a group of islands located in the Carribbean Sea in Southeastern North America.

A passport is required.  It usually takes 4-6 weeks to acquire a passport.   We have included a link from the US Passports and International Travel Department website giving you all the necessary information, FAQ's, and forms to fill out in case this is your first time applying for a passport or you need to renew an expired passport.


Transportation To and From the Airport:

Once you land in the Bahamas at the Pindling International Airport there will be a shuttle van or car awaiting your arrival to take you and your luggage to the property where you will be staying with us from Tuesday, March 6 - Sunday, March 11, 2018.  The travel time from the airport to the retreat location is approximately 15 minutes.  All tips have been paid for in advance.  Additional tipping is not expected and at your discretion.

Transportation To and From the Airport is included.  Please make sure you contact us with your incoming and outgoing flight information as soon as possible so we can arrange for your transportation.


In keeping with the design and spirit of this wellness retreat, we have chosen to offer one all-inclusive rate for our guests.  It is our desire to bring together and not divide.  We are offering the premiere ocean view rooms on a  first come-first served basis.  You will be staying in one of the four villas.   All villas have three floors offering top floor suites and bottom floor suites with the middle floor as living areas including a kitchen,  private bath and dining room. 

Double Occupancy - Each suite has two beds and a private bathroom.  Each suite has it's own remote controlled heating and cooling.

Single Occupancy - You are also welcome to reserve your own single room.  The double occupancy rate will apply.  Each suite has two beds and a private bathroom.  Each suite has it's own remote controlled heating and cooling.

The property is expansive offering several secluded areas for quiet meditation, self-reflection, journaling, or whatever you desire.


Our On-Site Personal Chef  will prepare all meals and snacks paying close attention to details including allergies and dietary restrictions.

We will be fueling our bodies with health-conscious foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Saturday exception at your discretion).

At the end of the day, a glass of wine will be offered at dinner and another during our group sessions.  This is optional and at your own discretion.  We desire to maintain the integrity of the retreat and not mask and hide from the experience of why we are here.

Additional Amenities:

There are two private swimming pools on site.

There is a private beach on property for our use.

There is a semi-private beach, "Sandyport Beach" steps outside of the western end of our property available for our use for yoga and guided meditative morning sunrise walks.

The property overlooks a large coral reef steps from our property for snorkeling and swimming activities.

Across the street there are a number of restaurants, a bank, and a gym.  Grocery shops are also within walking distance or you can get there by public transportation (see below).

Workshop Materials:

All workshop materials are included in the rate.  These will include training guides, art supplies, etc. and whatever else your instructor will use to present.  It will be up to you to bring your own personal writing journals, pens, yoga mats, etc. and any other personal items you may wish to bring with you.

Transportation around the island: 

Buses are very convenient: The #10 and #12 buses consistently run on Main Street, from East to West covering the whole island, about every 10-15 minutes and a little less frequent on Sunday. Buses run daily for only $1.25 per ride per person.

Taxis are $25- one way usually anywhere you need to go

Gift Shop:

There will be a tiny shop open during certain times during the day and evening (TBD) for you to purchase journals, pens, pads, signed books by our authors, apparell, art, cards, chocolates, candles, etc., and souvenirs of your journey for you to take home with you. 

In the shop there will be sign-up sheets if you require additional one-on-one sessions with speakers on an individual basis.  Thesesessions are not included in the all-inclusive rate. Check store for more details and pricing.


Directly across the street is Club One Fitness if you choose to utilize during free times.  Please visit their website to see hours of operation.

We’ve limited the number of spaces to 20 to offer you individualized attention.

Before making the decision to join us, read below to see if this would be a good enviornment for you.




  • You are willing to keep an open mind about everything.

  • You will not judge another's journey; including your own.
  • You are exhausted  for blaming everyone else for your life.  You are finally ready to surrendor.
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own life.
  • You are willing to try the proven methods our Presenters have to offer. 


  • You do not feel there is anything that requires your attention.
  • You believe that your way is the right way. 
  • You believe your way is the only way. and subscribe to black and white thinking.
  • You judge others if their thinking is not like yours.
  • You find yourself content blaming others for your life.

Although you will be on your own journey,  you will be surrounded by like-minded fellow travelers who are on this same journey of self-discovery. 

We hope that you will find the answer to your question of, "There's got to be more than this."  There is.  There absolutely is and we are living proof there is.

If you allow, you will find that when you stop living in your head, your body and spirit will intuitively guide you to take the steps needed to live a more healthy and fulfilling life. 


TENTATIVE AGENDA (Check back frequently): 

Tuesday,  March 6th :

Arrivals and Registration

Cocktail Hour and Dinner

Opening and Introduction of Concierge,  Lecturers, Chef, House rules, Setting Intentions, and Relaxative Meditation, Group Readings (Candice)


Wednesday, March 7th:

Breakfast – Silent meditative beach walk  Intention Setting with Jen/Restorative Yoga

Writing Workshop  "Who Am I?" with Angie

John (Recognizing Triggers, OCD, Depression, Anxiety as Adults) Workshop


Yvonne (Childhood Trauma, PTSD the Missing Link) Workshop

Play/Sand Therapy on the Beach (Yvonne)


Meditative Moments and Group Share, Group Readings with Candice


Thursday, March 8th:

Silent sun-rise meditative beach walk /Restorative Yoga and Breakfast

Workshop Angie (Setting and Honoring Boundaries)

Workshop John (Therapies to Recovery)


Workshop Yvonne (Therapies to Recovery)

Self Awareness Mirror Exercise with Candice


Bonfire on the beach (Death to Self) and Group Share


Friday, March 9th:

Silent sun-rise guided meditative beach walk/Restorative Yoga and Breakfast

Art as Therapy (Jen)

Workshop Candice (Introduction to Intuition and Trusting Gut Feelings)


Workshop Candice (Continued)

Art Workshop - Jen


Bonfire on the beach (Death to Self) and Group Share


Saturday, March 10th:

Silent sun-rise meditative beach walk/Restorative Yoga and Breakfast

Music as Therapy - The missing frequency to healing(Angie)

Art Therapy Workshop with Jen

Lunch - 

Putting It All Together 


Closing Ceremony, Final Thoughts, Bon Fire, Music, Dancing, Group Readings Celebration of Self!


Sunday, March 11th:  


Departures to Airport