Who am I? 

I am Angie Corbett-Kuiper. Who am I?  Well, Just as I start to think I know who I am, another life-altering experience brings me to my knees, which redefines me once again.  In the past I defined myself by the labels others gave me; Daughter, a People Pleaser, an Ex-Catholic Sinner, a College Graduate, Wife, Mother of two, Friend, a successful Business Woman working with the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world, and a career in biotech, the Other Woman, a Divorcé, Survivor of my oldest son’s suicide, a Widow at the age of 52, and Life Strategist to name the highlights.  

While these are the roles that make up my life, I am determined to define myself by the experiences and how I have grown from each.  I have chosen not to be defined by my roles or my experiences but how I’ve lived through each of them. 

People continually ask me, ‘how can you be doing so well, and living so joyously when most would curl up in the fetal position until they die themselves without actually living their life's purpose?’  It is, for this reason, I feel I have been called to share my very real experiences and how I have navigated through each.   

I see so many people paralyzed just surviving day-to-day in fear, guilt, shame, and loss existing only to please others; parents, friends, family, religion, teachers, etc.  

I know of what I speak because there were certain periods of my life, I too experienced the same, finding myself very alone, judged, ridiculed, and completely abandoned.  As I began to grow, open my mind and learn I found no one there unless I conformed to everyone else’s expectations.  Nothing I did, it seemed, was ever good enough.   

“To become who I am, I had to let go of everything I thought I was.”   

This path that I have chosen has not been an easy journey.  It has been ladened with hurt, sorrow, and pain; more tears than I can count.   To love me was foreign. I had to make a choice to learn to love myself from the ground up.  Entirely opening my mind to the love and acceptance of others and their different beliefs, because religion, conformity, and people pleasing no longer worked for me. 

“It wasn't until I began living my truth outside the box that I truly began to experience pure and simple joy.”  

I made a choice to let go of everything and everyone not aligned with who I have become. 

So, who am I you ask?  


Angie and her happy dog

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"Angie helped change my life"




Searching and Evocative
— Paul T. - Buckingham, UK
You have changed my life. After talking with you and listening to your energy and the positive things that are happening to you and with you and around you; you know what? I just sat there and you know what I thought? It’s a choice! It’s a choice! I can choose. I can choose to be miserable. Yes, it’s a rough road over here at my house. But, at the same time, I can either look at that or I can look away and look into the sunshine and today it is going much better than it has in a very long time and I give you all the credit for shining on my life and for speaking the truth.
— Lisa M. - Albuquerque, NM
Thank you for this presentation. Angie is a poised, dynamic, charismatic, very natural speaker. She did an amazing job!
— Sandy Tiller - Albuquerque, NM
What a wonderful thought provoking evening with Angie  at  Spirit Presents ABQ.  Terrific  presentation that had us looking at ourselves and seeing how our beliefs have hidden us from  our unique and authentic selves. We could all relate to the presentation and I think we all really found a way we could make some simple changes and grow.  Angie has a unique, bubbly style and wit.  I personally found a couple of  things I need to  tweak  and ways to do that from her  presentation.
— Barbara Snowden - Albuquerque, NM
Thank you so much, everyone had a great time and I got really great feedback!  My niece  attended, and she thought it was very helpful.
— Regina Wilson - Albuquerque, NM
Thank  you for a wonderful evening of care and new found thoughts that you put forward with love and compassion.
— Celine - Buckingham, UK
Attended  Conscious Life Expo 2016, Los Angeles, CA. Love Angie’s energy and her stories.  I give her a  10+!
— Melanie Lococo - San Diego, CA